Frequently Asked Questions for Recruiters

What are your recruitment fees like?

Our rates are dependent on the nature of the job involved. To get a more precise estimate on this, please contact our associates and we will be glad to arrange an interview to provide you with an estimate of our services.


Why should I use AccTrust Recruitment? I can search for candidates on my own.

Every HR manager can relate to the immense unaccountable costs involved in searching for the ideal candidate for the right position. From scrolling through countless CVs, to arranging appointments that might not even materialise, the hiring process usually entails countless administrative hours being lost along the way, all in the name of hiring a candidate that might only fit your profile from the outset. AccTrust Recruitment trims away these unnecessary hours for a nominal fee. As the first gatekeeper, we ensure that you only have to screen through the best available candidates.


What sources do you utilise when you search for candidates?

From traditional to current sources, AccTrust Recruitment ensures a variety of platforms are employed to achieve the best possible candidates come forth, ranging from social media platforms to traditional news outlets.


If I am dissatisfied with the candidate, am I entitled to an additional candidate?

Yes, so long as this is within our guarantee period, we are obliged to provide you with a new candidate from our database within the guidelines of your existing requirements.


What are the sort of due diligence procedures performed?

As part of our due-diligence process, we ensure that the proper reference checks are made before we recommend the candidates over to you. As such, we will request references from 3 different sources to perform the necessary background checks on the individuals.