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Getting a Job in Singapore

Though Singapore is a small country, it has a large pool of amazing jobs for every person out there. Its ability to provide commendable job opportunities sets this country apart. In the service and industry sector, Singapore has an array of jobs which you can take up according to the skill set and expertise level you possess. Low corruption, skilled workforce and amazing location are three things that make this country an award winning destination.

Getting a job in Singapore can be challenging but not impossible. In the local job listing sites, you can find a wide variety of jobs depending upon the location and region you live in. Other than that, recruitment companies are also there which shake hands with you to find a good job. You have to fill in the necessary details in the website’s form and the company will guide you through. Also, you don’t have to look for a job for yourself i.e. need not apply on different jobs. Rather the recruitment company will send you the suitable job list which you can use to find the perfect match from.

Opportunities are growing and getting a job in a country like Singapore is actually your fortune. If you have a good experience and right set of skills, Singapore is a great destination to work and live. Do you want to job in Singapore? Are you ready to face the challenges while looking out for a nice opportunity? Here is a detailed guide for you to gather some job related information about this amazing country:

Salary Packages in Singapore

Being a degree holder, you can earn more than $2000 per month where the less qualification can be a hindrance in your way of cracking a good job. It is all about your skills and expertise that can make you earn a lot of dollars. Among all the fields, the IT professionals or employees earn the most. Especially in Singapore, a good salary and compensation is always in the hands of reputed persons like government employees or IT people. So if you are an IT pro, Singapore is a great destination to work in.

How to Apply Jobs?

In the digital world, jobs are posted online so if you are an internet person, Singapore has a lot of opportunities for you. Browse the internet, look for the job portals and apply on the jobs that you feel suitable. To get the right job, recruitment companies are also there that assists you in getting the perfect job. Before applying, you have to visit Singapore first because the companies pick the people residing in Singapore only.

Singapore Work Culture

The work culture of every country is different from that of others. In Singapore, before becoming a regular employee, an apprentice of 3-6 months is important. An employee earning a salary of $2000-$2799 gets an S pass and those with more than this earning get an E pass.

Where to Stay?

If you have visited Singapore for a holiday, stay in the hotels but if you are there to find some job, you might need some economical accommodation. In this case, you can look for a hostel where you have to pay per day for the days you stay there. Usually, per day rate is $13 for the hostels. If you prefer privacy, you can go for renting the whole room that is available at $300 per month. The rate increases depending upon the location, facilities and the duration of your stay.

I hope you get to know almost everything about getting a job in Singapore. Go ahead and make your career working in this beautiful country!


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