Expected salary range: From $2,500 – $3,000

Job description:

We are a marine safety equipment repair company in the Western part of Singapore seeking out a competent and industrious individual capable of operating as the key administrator within the business. We are looking for someone who is self-driven and has good knowledge of how to operate various government portals and handle other basic book-keeping practises to liaise with our accountants. A good command of spoken English is expected; we will need the individual to be able to communicate fluently and manage orders with our members of staff, suppliers, and key clients. Experienced individuals who have operated in marine firms are gladly welcome, but we are open to fresh individuals as well.

Skills required:

  • Good written and spoken command of English to liaise with suppliers and clients
  • Personable and competent communication skills to handle mariners from various ports of call
  • Competent skills in Microsoft Office skills, especially Excel and Word
  • Good administrative knowledge for various government and job-related portals such as IRAS, CPF, and PSA
  • Basic accounting and data-entry skills to be able to communicate with accountant